Breeding Quality Angus Cattle
for 84 years (in the Big Sky Country)
26th Annual Production Sale
Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch & Assoc.
"In the Real World Sale"
Monday, March 30, 2020

COVID-19 And The Lost Lake Ranch Production Sale

  1. Our sale, as is true of nearly all such sales around the country, will go on.  However, much has changed in our personal and business lives since March 1, 2020... here are all the ways we're adjusting our sale to that.
  2. The catalogs were mailed March 17, 2020.  DVAuction.com has the catalog and bull videos online.  LostLakeRanch.com has the catalog online and links to DV Auction.  BallyhooPrinting.com has our catalog online and their Ballyhoo Go! App with many great features.
  3. We will have all the cattle at Western Livestock Auction, sorted and ready to view all of Sunday, March 29 and Monday morning, March 30.
  4. Various COVID-19 precautions will be in place at Western Livestock Auction, including how the lunch will be served ... we will respond to day-to-day changes.
  5. There will be four (4) convenient bidding / buying options:
    1.)  In the stands.  We want everyone to do what they are comfortable doing.  Anyone with fever and/or cough should not attend (see other options).
    2.)  Online.  DV Auction will broadcast the sale live.  Go to DVAuction.com to set up an account and arrange bidding (ideally before March 30).  If help is needed, call them at (402) 316-5460 or support@dvauction.com.
    3.)  On the phone.  Call Western Livestock Auction / Lynn Perry at (406) 727-5400 or Bill Pelton (406) 671-5100.
    4.)  Leave your order.  Whether the issue is "social distancing", calving, bad weather, or other plans, call any of the ringmen, the auctioneer, Grant, or Karen (numbers on page 2 of the catalog).  WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU WITH ANY OF THESE OPTIONS!
    Unseen in quotes given the cattle videos, still photos, and catalog formation above, as well as having any of us or friends/neighbors could look at the cattle for you.

    We will provide a satisfaction guarantee for cattle purchased in this manner.  When cattle purchased "sight unseen" are delivered, the buyer can inspect the cattle.  If they are not as represented, simply put them back on the trailer.
Monday, March 30, 2020

26th Annual Production Sale
Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch & Assoc.
"In the Real World Sale"
Western Livestock Auction
Great Falls, MT
Auctioneer:  Kyle Shobe (406) 366-0472

Lunch:  11:30 am
Sale:  1:00 pm
Sale Day Phone:
406-727-5400 - Western Livestock Auction
406-899-9061 - Grant cell

Plan on joining us for a great sale!
We are selling
92 Registered Yearling Angus Bulls,
4 Commercial Yearling Angus Bulls,
14 Registered Yearling Angus Heifers,
and 1 Herd Bull.
Sale offering includes bulls and heifers from
Windy Ridge Ranch - Karen & Chuck Davis
(406) 737-4320

2020 Sale Catalog

(PDF: 7MB)

Bull Sale Flyer


2020 Sale Videos

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We are working with
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the sale to you.

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Lost Lake Extra Value Progam

  • All registered cattle are sire-parentage verified by DNA testing.
  • Fertility testing = physical exam + scrotal size + semen test
  • All registered bulls with genetically-enhanced EPDs
  • Many "heifer bulls" with retained growth
  • All cattle BVD-free and genetic defect free
  • Volume discounts on bull purchases
  • Vaccination program, comprehensive
  • Livestock Mortality Insurance available (Shared Premium)
  • Balanced EPDs
  • Delivery of bulls is Free with single ranch total purchase of $3,000 or more within Montana. (See catalog for other states and details.)
  • Cattle get Nutrition, yet retain Condition
  • On-line sale and bidding
  • Performance tested (all data provided)
  • Free board on bulls until April 20, 2020
  • Extra docility
  • Harrer's Satisfaction Guarantee including 84 years of experience



Lost Lake Ranch . . . where cattle are produced to work in the Real World.

 wld3.gif (10689 bytes) In the Real World, cattle must be developed to display their potential,
but conditioned to pass it on!
wld3.gif (10689 bytes) In the Real World, cattle can not be selected by guesswork!
wld3.gif (10689 bytes) In the Real World, high quality cattle must be available at an affordable price!
wld3.gif (10689 bytes) In the Real World, cattle must have end product merit for all segments
of the beef industry!
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Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch
137 Eden Road, Great Falls, MT  59405
Grant & Deanna Harrer: (406) 899-9061 or 452-2010
Grant Office:  (406) 731-8200
Fax:  (406) 731-8123
Bill & Dolores Harrer: (406) 737-4393 or 771-8229
Barn:  (406) 737-4336
Jeff Schile, Mgr:  (406) 737-4315


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